that was (some of) 2017

Holocaust Memorial Day 2017
Helping present and to film this involving and stimulating event (Jan)

For the Love Of It-17
Weekend peer learning event at Newbury 101 Creation Centre - 3 days in Feb.

Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival
New video projection piece for this brilliant bi-annual event in Feb.

Interactive installation moved to Mansfield for 6 weeks Feb-Mar, the last venue of an extensive tour.

Codex Notebook
Shop window installation for Huddersfield Literary Festival during March

6 Million+: Every Button Counts
EU funded project working with partners three European countries. Following our visit to Poland in March, two of us took three participants to visit Italy and then Serbia during May.
We worked together to start developing work which will be presented in the UK later.

Rogues Galley
Redeveloped and expanded this indoor installation as an outdoors piece for Scarborough SeaFest, and presented it there over two days in July.

The Watershed
After the fire, over the summer we moved back to the Watershed, reorganising things and setting up office and storage, including rebuilding Lightweight sphere and checking other installations.

Presented : 1 x Wirral (Jan), 1 x Preston (Sept), 3 x Illuminate Bradford, 2 x Bury Light Night (Oct), 2 x Hastings Story Telling Festival, 2 x Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (Nov) & 1 x Woolwich Winter Warmer (Dec).

Every Button Counts: part 2
Helped lead sessions as all three European partners visited Huddersfield over 5 days in October to start work towards a performance at January’s HMD event.

This latest installation projects animated faces onto three giant heads. It animates images of the audiences members faces and makes them sing and say things they said.
Presented at: 4 nights at Aberdeen Spectra (with Doric Poetry) in Feb,  2 nights at Leeds Light Night (telling tales of Quarry Hill), and 3 nights at Illuminate Bradford (speaking about Bradford) both in October.

Continuing development of our new installation.
Presented at Edge Hill University (Science education content in Mar), the British Library (featuring some bespoke Harry Potter content in Oct), and over 2 nights at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens with an impressive new show of four parts (Nov).

Providing technical support for events in collaboration with the Creative Scene programme in North Kirklees. Including presenting the project in Athens, helping show off the resurrected 'Frontier Light' and lighting up the 'Lan-turns'.

Momentum Wheel
Improvements were made and tested with this large installation before being shown at the HeckmondLight event in late November.