Developing a unique interactive computer programme funded by an Arts Council Combined Arts R&D award and assisted by the Health Authority.


Environment and Arts project rejuvenating a derelict space with planting, paths and sculptures, involving local people and culminating in a launch event.

With an all star cast of 137 - the whole work force at Longley Farm, Britain's largest independent dairy - help create a permanent record of the farm at work.

Collaboration with the Earth Centre in Doncaster to create a Lantern and fire spectacle for the launch event, and provide. conceptual / consultancy advice on live animation.

Developing a banner piece with, for and by people from the Windybank housing estate.

Sheffield railway station sees the beginning or end of 10,000 journeys each day. For 5 weeks a pair of electromagnetic information boards offered those in transit a chance to ruminate on life's journey. Part of the ‘SHUNTED’ curated by the Site Gallery for the UK Year of Photography.

Live art commission, Ferens Live art space, Hull exploring pictures, property, and philosophy.

A series of public and schools workshops in Kirklees during July and August leading to a public Land Art event at Holme Styes Woods during August.