A video focusing on the creative activities undertaken by a group of young people suffering a serious deaf-blindness condition over a participatory arts weekend run by Shabang Theatre Adventures in collaboration with Sense North.

Forming a group of local teenagers to research and produce a unique video inspired by the film making ideas pioneered in Holmfirth over 100 years ago. Together we made an original short film introducing and updating the original material.

Work with students from two high schools in Bridlington to consider urban development issues, deliver training and create digital images of future visions for the area. Presented as an urban projection as part of the town centre festival, and also to the Town Management team.

Helping develop Oldham College student’s street style performances as part of this large public Halloween event with Pif-Paf.

Video documenting the international European Leaders in Healthcare Improvement training programme final event in Cambridge. 

A film weaving together conversations, poetry and imagery around the lives of 12 refugees to this country - pairing a Jewish survivor with an assylum seeker, and exploring the similarities/differences in their experiences. Created as part of the ‘6 million+’ exhibition for the Holocaust Memorial Day.

Introducing a group of people with learning differences and sensory impairment to a creative process which teach a variety of craft based techniques and small scale production processes.

Producing 2 DVD’s for Kirklees’ HMD event at Huddersfield Town Hall. One an interview with a veteran of the British Army’s liberation of Belsen and the other a record of creative activity with individual accounts from a refugee and asylum seekers support group.