inside the Sensation Machine

Launch event for a Luddite Machine. Workshops with youth groups created a special machine which invited one person at a time to enter it. Operated by the the Young Batley group, the machine was able to stimulate all five of the senses.

This touring theatre performance piece featured live music and sculptural elements based on the Arthurian legends

Two performers, one musician create a touring physical theatre

Keaton & Kahlo poster

Two lives co-exiting but unconnected and fifteen hundred miles apart: one a man, one a woman, one a physical comedian the other crippled, one from the first world and the other from the third. Buster Keaton and Frida Kahlo – two lives.

A 200 metre sequence of sights, smell, sounds and live performance


Street Arts professionals annual gathering: 48 hrs of inspiration, creation and fun, a chance to recharge an re-connect - this year a the Watershed, Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

Does what it says on the tin. Its a 30 seat Cinema. In a Truck.
As of 2016, no longer available, sorry.

48 hrs of inspiration, creation and fun, a chance for a wide range of Street Arts professionals to gather - for 2015 at 101 Creation Space, Greenham Common, Newbury.