The Passage

A 200 metre sequence of sights, smell, sounds and live performance

Inviting spectators on an intriguing procession of atmospheres and living pictures involving sculptors, musicians and performers creating a series of tableaux vivant and inhabited cloth chambers.

Leeds Polytechnic Gallery and Studio Theatre:

Launch event: Leeds Polytechnic Gallery & Studio Theatre (now Leeds Metropolitan University). We chose to work in the corridor which linked the two spaces:

Astonishing...hundreds of feet of white linen, wool and muslin. A boat full of musicians invited the 300 or so guests on a surreal tour through this white environment. At various stages were a number of extraordinary living tableaux representing childhood, creativity, domesticity, old age: a journey through life. It is very hard to describe adequately just how stunning the effect was.

One was left dazed by a feeling of fascination....unique and refreshingly different