Outdoor Arts


A kinetic sculpture made up of spinning disks, together creating a mesmeric and ever moving Moiré optical effect all lit with  ‘black-light’ ultraviolet lamps giving it an ethereal glow that intensifies as darkness draws in.

FLOI-14 Stoke-on-Trent

2 days of inspiration, creation and fun, a chance for a wide range of Street Arts professionals to gather - for 2014 this was in Stoke-on-Trent.

Codex at blinc digital arts festival, conwy

The CODEX installation is inspired by Illuminated Manuscripts, and like them it combines bespoke words and image, but re-imagined as an open book that lights up in the night sky.

FLOI sign

'For the Love Of It' Street Arts gathering weekend in Ulverston

For the Love Of It

'For the Love Of It' Street Arts gathering at the Watershed

An inflated 4-metre diameter translucent sphere filled with intense coloured light, projected images, animations and shadowy figures gliding around the surface. The shadows tell a 360 degree story viewed by the spectators outside to music from hidden speakers.

Helping develop Oldham College student’s street style performances as part of this large public Halloween event with Pif-Paf.

Walkabout visual theatre piece in collaboration with Whitewood and Flemming Music Theatre.

FLOI sign 2013

48 hours of inspiration, creation & fun, a chance for a wide range of Street Arts professionals to Congregate, Speculate and Re-invigorate - this year held at the Collect Project in Bristol.

A vintage looking camera at an outdoor photography station contain face recognition software that takes a short sequence of images. These are combined with other quirky imagery and the resulting live animations are projected onto a large translucent screen.


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