A new gallery installation


Wingfaces were first developed for our Lightweight installation. We decided to develop this approach to work as a stand-alone piece and add in some new interactivity.

Wing Faces on Lightweight at Canary Wharf

Basically face-captured animations of the audiences faces are mapped into flapping wing animations which flutter and flock around the sphere.

Audience members are invited to sit for a five-image portrait by a pair of operators. The new piece will have to be completely automated.The Wing/Faces move around autonomously, but are guided by different forces. Some are standard to ‘Flocking’ behavior:

   Alignment: tries to make the Wing/Faces move in the same direction as each other.

   Cohesion: a force that draws them towards each other.

   Separation: is close range repulsion force that stops them overlapping.

Some of ours also have moving targets (the blue and green circles) that they try to reach. It is those that will lock onto the landing areas on peoples silhouettes.