Lightweight wingfaces in Berlin

A 360˚ projection globe that invites audiences to have their picture mapped into live animations that swarm around the globe alongside movies, audio, graphic effects, pictures, text and even Tweets.

LightWeight is:

  • Interactive: Our quirky face recognition camera invites audience members to sit for a quick portrait, which is then mapped into live animations that swarm around the globe.
  • Unique: Our intriguing range of video, music and animation effects is programmed to provide a unique and captivating presentation.
  • Bespoke: Able to showcase video, images or sounds developed by other artists and organisations, or we can develop new material that reflects any theme.

A four metre high inflated sphere lit with intense translucent colours, projected video images, animations and visual effects that spin magically around the outside of the globe enhanced by multi-channel music from hidden speakers.

Supported by ACE Lottery funding & the Artimelt programme, LightWeight has been specially designed to complement twilight or evening celebrations and for use in dark spaces.

See our giant translucent <Silverscreen> 2-D version
Our new <Codex> interactive book
Or this 360-degree-cinema article

City centres, beaches, theatre stages, museums, parks...almost anywhere

Providing a focus to a wide range of different events, such as:

  • Illuminate York: historic films in the Minster
  • Dance on a beach: South Landing beach day of dance, video made on the day showcased that same evening
  • Wingbeats Opera: part of the staging Ilkley Literature Festival: poety and tweets
  • Dave Leicester Comedy Festival: on stage at the Curve with Arthur Smith Berlin Festival of Light
  • Berlin Festival of Lights: 12 nights in the heart of the German capital
  • Ilkley Literature Festival: twitter poems
  • Blinc: digital arts festival
  • A 4-metre diameter inflated sphere sits on a 3m diameter metal frame with three adjustable legs
  • Size: max height and width = 4.5m
  • Power supply: 240v supply, two 16amp sockets preferred, 13amp acceptable
  • Power drawn: A maximum of approximately 10-12amps
  • Set-up: Four hours set-up, with 90 mins de-rig
  • Access: Vehicle access to the site, often used as control booth
  • Chris Squire: Impossible Arts - idea and execution
  • Bryan Tweddle: artist and sculptor - structure
  • Spencer Roberts: Huddersfield University - programming and network
  • Nick Mitchell: programmer - further programming and interactivity
  • Charlott Diefenthal: Impossible Arts - idea and execution
  • Daniel Weaver: composer and performer - music and sound
  • Andrew Wicks: Media Preview - video

Magical and mesmerising...almost hypnotic


Engages audiences in a unique experience


Lightweight is a magical and mesmerising participatory projection installation. It is highly accessible and engages the audiences in a unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience that is open to everyone.


A dramatic centrepiece that delighted, entertained and intrigued


The piece has a magnetic physical presence along with unfathomable innards...a fully contained kinetic light sphere which was able to absorb and integrate our animated film made by local children.



A store for ideas and thoughts

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