Life In Transition

sound and light installation

Multi-channel sound and light based installation drawing on an oral history project documenting the lives of young women who arrived from the South Asian subcontinent to live, study and work in West Yorkshire over the last 25 years.

Oral history material was gathered from many participants by artist Mandeep Samra, and woven together in a contemporary arts-based sound installation. Voices were selected from the sound archive to be layered and sculpted in real time together with classical instrumental sounds and chants resonating at selected points to create an atmospheric composition.

Huddersfield Art Gallery
Sat 14th May  - Sat 11th June 2011
The installation sat in low lighting in the Gallery, with eight loudspeakers encircling the listeners who were able to experience different voices moving from one speaker to another. Each loudspeaker wass connected to coloured lighting which flickered in time with the voices.

Huddersfield Tolson Museum
Sat 24th Sep - Sun 27th Nov 2011
Here the loudspeakers encircle both the listener and a collection of artifacts that illuminate life in the subcontinent, but without the coloured lighting effects.

Huddersfield Art Gallery and Huddersfield Tolson Museum
  • Mandeep Samra: Oral Histories and project leader
  • Daniel Weaver: Sound composition
  • Supriya Nagarajan: vocal and mucical accompanyment
  • Manasamitra: project partners

Satisfying, enlightening, informing

Sally Darle, reviewer