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An interactive animatronics robot exhibits symptoms of paranoia when people step near, for an exhibition in Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter. Devised in collaboration with Forkbeard Fantasy.

A student installation and performance in Hull based on forced labour and child slavery experienced in Britain today. Intensive creation periods with 5 different groups of 17-18 year olds focussing on drama, dance and media, leading to a performance installation with projections by a cast of around 70.


A unique mobile display cabinet housed in the carcass of an ex-arcade machine presents an original short film inspired by the pioneering films made in Holmfirth in the 1890’s.

Crucible talking benches

Sit on the two benches in the foyer of the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield and they talk to you. Designed by Madani Younis and made by Richard Wincer, we created the reactive electronics that speak the words of Crucible staff when visitors alight on them.

'Icons of Desire' computer animations produced by a group of young people after training in animation software. The results displayed in a re-engineered arcade style fruit machine, containing a dual screen interactive computer driven installation. Contact Theatre, Manchester.

Sheffield railway station sees the beginning or end of 10,000 journeys each day. For 5 weeks a pair of electromagnetic information boards offered those in transit a chance to ruminate on life's journey. Part of the ‘SHUNTED’ curated by the Site Gallery for the UK Year of Photography.

A Conversation about the Weather poster

Creating 3 interpretive and participatory display over 6 months using the permanent art collection at Huddersfield Art Gallery. Using Britain’s favourite conversation topic, the weather, as a metaphor to help people look at and discuss a more challenging area – art works.

Bringing the third part of the Open Closing Door project, the kinetic dual screen video shop window installation, to Derby town centre. With thousands of visitors and 524 showings it proved both a popular event.

Evidence Room Batley

Development of this kinetic dual screen video installation for a shop window in Alfreds Way Shopping Centre, Batley which was open to the public and triggered by them for 20 days.

Home Sweet Home: Jenny hair up

A 4 roomed revolving bijou fabric residency, furnished with soft objects, a poet, 500 metres of printed cloth and live music. Six full days of workshops and 2 days of performance in Batley.


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