Street Arts professionals annual gathering: 48 hrs of inspiration, creation and fun, a chance to recharge an re-connect - this year a the Watershed, Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

Part of the fun of FLOI is that as most of the sessions are led by the participants, we almost cant tell what sessions we can expect until they happen, its a leap in the dark ...

Overall the weekend is a mixture of  

  • Learning practical skills  (e.g. fooling techniques, chorus song, electricity outdoors, fire torches, making monoprints...)
  • Focussed discussions  (e.g. new circus, indoor-outdoor crossover, conundrums...)
  • Fascinating presentations exploring working techniques (e.g. evolution of ideas, community commissioning, physical performance...)
  • New work (e.g. hot seating ideas, feedback on a piece, try-out performance...).
  • Eating and chatting with other participants - in an open and friendly atmosphere

We ask that everybody does something, could be washing up, could be offering a 3 minute moment at our mini-cabaret evening, could be suggesting a theme to discus or sharing a technique with a small group...or any/all of the above!

Participate: in a practical sessions and debates
Find Out:
about the local arts scene, NasaUK, FLOI, other artists / organisations / performers / shows / ideas...
what's happening to Outdoor Arts
a subject to explore
something you do. Get as much feed-back as you like.
a session on something you’re passionate about - practical or theoretical, debate or presentation
ideas for a show
All food provided, but we help to prepare the main meals
the National Association of Street Artists UK
Have a Laugh, Get Inspired, get your creative juice's flowing...


There are 4 apartments that can sleep 4-6 people about 1.5 miles away in the Westwood Christian Centre....

Westwood  Its a lovely place.
I think will work out at £26 per person per night.
Tel: 01484 845042

What is FLOI?

In 2015 at For the Love Of It! – 39 artists from 17 companies took part at the 101 Arts Creation Space in Newbury in March.

A pre-season wake up learning and networking opportunity involving workshops, talks and performances offering genuine sharing and collaboration in an informal environment.

Guest speakers in 2015 included Marisa Carnesky (Carnesky's Ghost Train) and Robert Schiller from Theater Titanic (Germany).

Any questions? Contact: floi@nasauk.org

Previous For the Love Of It:

FLOI-15  FLOI-14  FLOI-13  FLOI-12  FLOI-11  FLOI-10


This years theme: INSPIRATION

4th – 6th March 2016

The Watershed, Huddersfield, HD7 5JN

FLOI-16 Street Arts Gathering
a tonic for 2016 - refresh your creative muscles

Featuring presentations:

  • Nancy Barrett / Creative Scene
  • David Wheeler / IOU Theatre
  • Alex Rigg / Oceanallover
  • Helen Crocker / New Circus


  • Creativity and Inspiration           
  • Hot seat           
  • Laugh Yoga køb cialis
  • MonoPrint Workshop           
  • Fooling Workshop
  • 10 photos and 2 conundrums           
  • Vegetable creature making
  • The Philosephers stone           
  • Outdoor Electrickery
  • Wax torches                       
  • Frog Chorus
  • Theatre learning from outdoor arts and vice versa
The Watershed, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5JN
  • Conversations
  • Training
  • Presentations
  • NASA UK Congregation and AGM
  • Social
  • Food
Early Bird (until Jan 31st)
  • £25 Student NASA Member
  • £30 Student
  • £35 NASA Members
  • £45 Non-NASA Members
Last minute Bird (from 1st Feb)
  • £30 Student NASA Member
  • £35 Student
  • £40 NASA Members
  • £50 Non-NASA Members
Fee includes 4 meals.

Booking > FLOI-16 Booking

  • Chris Squire (Impossible Arts)
  • Garth Williams (Safetycatch Productions)
  • Beka Haigh (Frolicked)