inside the ChromaVan

Soak in pure colour - witness the curious perception effects that surprise and mesmerise all who enter “a joy to the soul - loved it”

Exploring the links between colour and emotion through a unique colour and light experience with a personalised colour reading Vivid LED lights give participants an intimate light show experience bathing them in pure colourin the comfort of a re-modelled caravan. Recently seen at:

A specially adapted touring caravan popular with audiences of all ages and backgrounds this innovative and remarkable colour event caters for four small groups an hour through the day or evening.

Created as a community consultation tool, it has worked eaqually well in social, community, civic, educational and arts contexts mehr boni.

An on-going installation project that can be sited anywhere
  • A series of 12 minute shows (4 per hour)
  • An audience of about 5 (max 8) people per showing
  • 230v mains power supply within 10m.
  • Approx 5amp drawn.
  • 16amp socket preferred - 13amp socket acceptable
  • (We have a small quiet petrol generator if reqyured)
  • Vehicle access to the site for towing vehicle and ChromaVan
  • Nearby vehicle parking for the duration of the event
  • Space, we’re flexible but assume about 6-10 metres square
  • 1 hour minimum set up time
  • 45 min get out time

Hardened cynics, hard to please teenagers, hard at work production crews and children of all ages; every single one of them came out of the Chroma-van glowing and smiling.

We could have done with a dozen Chroma-vans to fill the need as word spread. Not only a joy to the soul but scarily accurate in its portrait of nearly everyone who entered its white womb like interior. Loved it

John Knowles, Co-Director and Festival Manager
01424 717464

I thought the Chroma van and your team were marvelous and all the reports I had were fantastic..

Helen Barraclough, Director, Space Connections