'Icons of Desire' computer animations produced by a group of young people after training in animation software. The results displayed in a re-engineered arcade style fruit machine, containing a dual screen interactive computer driven installation. Contact Theatre, Manchester.

A re-engineered arcade fruit machine contains a computer driven dual screen interactive installation.

‘Icons of Desire’ were created with a team of young people using professional graphics and animation software. When the fruit machine reaches ‘payout’ mode, these are displayed alongside a unique plunderphonic soundtrack by Jaydev Mistry.

Elaborate control of the fruit machine’s own lights and buttons was made possible by the use of an 'EZIO' interface board. This communicates with a G4 PowerMac computer running Director, a multimedia authoring and controlling programme,   and operates on two monitor screens

The process's involved within the project: training a team of young people in the use of graphics and animation software, working with them in an ideas lab to create a series of ‘Icons of Desire’.

The hardware set up within the re-engineered fruit machine: powered by a two screen G4 PowerMac, running multimedia controlling ‘Director’ movie, interfacing with the fruit machine’s lights & buttons.

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Workshop sessions led by

Tim Copsey and Chris Squire